Team of Experts

Whether you're in the early stage of pregnancy or struggling with a pelvic infection, having gynaecology care at your service speeds up recovery. Our obstetrics and gynaecology care department brings together a team of experts working tirelessly round the clock to ensure you get the right treatment.

All specialists under our watch are highly knowledgeable and one of the best in their chosen field. They ensure you get proper care and put their experience into use when an unlikely situation springs up. We're here to help you through your first pregnancy, infertility, menstrual cramp,  and any other gynaecology issue you might be experiencing.

Gynaecology unit

Our gynaecology unit ensures the reception and the treatment of several health conditions, whether medical (gynaecology of adolescence, fertility, menopause, pelvic disease, pathologies of the breast) or surgical (fibroids, urinary incontinence, breast cancer).

The orthopaedic and family planning unit welcomes adolescent girls and women for any problem related to contraception, abortion, sexuality, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing. An ethnocultural consultation and adolescent meetings are regularly organised.


We provide consultations and schedule meetings with our patients. We maintain a friendly tone which creates rapport between our practitioners anpatients. They're always ready to provide answers and profer solution to lingering issues. During the initial appointment, we aim to detect the main issues while the following consultation, we draw out plans to tackle the main issues. Finally, we use a comprehensive ultrasound scan to visualise the problem. Our services also come with several healthcare packages to cover medical expenses like a check-up and ultrasound scan.

  • Info-breast meeting

For breast cancer patients, an information meeting is organised once a month to enlighten the patient on how to manage the disease. Our gynaecologists are always on hand to answer all your questions and give proper possible solutions to any problem you might be facing.

  • Gyneco-obstetric information

The gynaecology-obstetrics consultations organise information meetings for patients who are in the early stages of pregnancy or are struggling to become pregnant. These meetings are led by a top gynaecologist who will enlighten the patients on guidelines to follow during pregnancy as well as certain things to avoid.

Surgical Procedure

Surgical management is provided by a team seasoned with the latest techniques available in the medical world. These Specialised Practitioners offer surgical techniques adapted to your situation after a complete assessment consultation is performed.

For cancers, we draw up a complete recovery plan . Also, we have a powerful imaging service (mammography, radiography, scanner, MRI) for screening, diagnosis, adapted complimentary assessment.

Our Practitioners work closely with radiologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, psychologists, hospital announcement nurses who ensure you get unrivalled gynaecology care. Also, we monitor your progress even after surgery to ensure there are no complications which may further deter your health.

 You can book an appointment online or come down to our clinic. Be rest assured that an appointment is given in the week.

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You can come down to our clinic at Harley street London or book an appointment online. We ensure our practitioners are available during the initial consultation date. Contact us today –we will be happy to help.